ACHRI Neurodevelopment and Child Mental Health Conference by Leah Wuitschik

Recently, TallTrees Leadership® had the pleasure of working with the newly opened Owerko Centre at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute. This research space...

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Chasing Leadership by Leah Wuitschik

How many books on leadership are sitting on your bookshelf right now? At a glance, I have more than thirty. I have mulled over each one, looking for something original regarding th...

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To Get Great Answers You Need To Ask Great Questions by Leah Wuitschik

“Judge a person by their questions, rather than their answers”- Voltaire In leadership, asking the right questions is a powerful tool. Great leaders recognize that, ...

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How Are You Holding Yourself Back? by Leah Wuitschik

We all hold beliefs about our life circumstances and about ourselves that affect the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. These beliefs often have deep roots base...

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Offering Meaningful Feedback by Leah Wuitschik

“The road to self-insight runs through other people” ~David Dunning, Professor of Psychology, Cornell University Does the thought of giving feedback to your colleagu...

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Who Do You Lean On? Four Questions To Ask Yourself by Leah Wuitschik

There is a commonly accepted phrase in leadership and business.  It is lonely at the top There is a certainty in the business world that leaders have to go it alone. A l...

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What is hidden beneath the surface on your team? by Leah Wuitschik

Ignorance is bliss. Ever heard that statement? I certainly have. However, when it comes to teams I beg to differ. In our workplaces people are generally expected to fulfill specifi...

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If you came with an instruction manual what would it say? by Kevin Tomkins

Walking along the pier in Victoria British Columbia I overheard a man asking this question to his granddaughter. One could only guess why this question was being asked.  Was t...

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