A healthcare professional’s guide to becoming a better listener

Effective listening is one of the most important skills a healthcare professional can have in their toolkit. It’s also one of the most difficult skills to make use of in prac...

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How to find the right coach

If you’ve decided to invest in coaching services to better yourself and advance your career, it’s time to choose a coach who will help you achieve your goals. Choosi...

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5 things a coach can help you with

We often hear from clients that when they first hear about coaching, they don’t think the service is relevant to them. What would I talk to a coach about?   I&rsquo...

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Focusing on the Front Line for National Nursing Week

National nursing week began as an homage to nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale and is celebrated from May 9-15 in commemoration of the anniversary of her birth (May 12).  ...

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How Canada’s 'Great Resignation' is impacting healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a whole new set of challenges for healthcare leaders across Canada and beyond. As we navigate what has come to be known as Canada’s "Grea...

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What healthcare leaders can learn from street nurses

Street nurses (also known as outreach nurses) are nurses who work with marginalized populations outside of a traditional healthcare setting. This may include providing care to home...

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Insights from TallTrees Leadership’s Founders by Leah Wuitschik & Carol Gray

In this blog post, TallTrees Leadership founders, Leah and Carol, answer questions about what inspires them, their careers and the importance of coaching.  “People ar...

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Moving Beyond Surviving to Thriving: How Emotional Intelligence Drives Leadership During the Pandemic by Leah Wuitschik

As we move further into the COVID-19 pandemic, we are recognizing the need to adapt and shift instead of waiting for, and hoping for, things to get back to normal. Since we have no...

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