Loss of a loved one often causes us to not only reflect on our memories and past, but also to contemplate our future in a new and different way. It can trigger us to want to create a future based on a yearning of a desired way of living. More fundamentally, we may want to dig deeper into ourselves and to steer a different course of direction that is rooted in our deep seated values and beliefs. It can be likened to a call to action.

This situation may evoke an uncertainty and questioning within us and is similar to that which is expressed by individuals seeking the support and guidance of an executive coach. Our clients often ask us what is executive coaching?

Our definition of executive coaching is a trusted and professional partnership between a coach and client that inspires the client’s capability to reach his or her desired full potential and performance as a leader. Through executive coaching we bring a repertoire of knowledge and skills that are foundational to having a trusted, professional and successful partnership with clients. It is our privilege to work alongside a client in a confidential manner to build on their knowledge, skills, life experience, passion, and wishes for the future.

Executive coaching assists clients to not only find clarity of focus but to take action that is meaningful for them. It is about helping clients to strive toward the achievement of their goals in their professional and personal lives.

Executive coaching is focused on conversations and tools related to professional or career aspirations. However, we do not usually live our lives by separating who we are or how we behave between our work and personal relationships. Executive coaching integrates all aspects of who we are and what we wish to achieve and serves as a powerful catalyst to mobilize wants and desires to positive action and success. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated: “Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can”.

Big changes happening in our life can cause us to reflect on our current reality. This reflection may create a deep stirring within us that things could be different. It is at times like this that we may need a skilled resource to move us to our new and desired future for our professional and personal life. An executive coach can be that key resource and inspire us to make the changes we seek.

When have you felt at a crossroads and desired a new direction? Who will you count on to move you to your exciting new future?