Amanda Coates – Workshop/Team Development Services

Mosaic PCN had the pleasure of working with Carol and the TallTrees Leadership group recently to deepen Coaching Skills for one of our teams. We were impressed with the depth of healthcare industry they brought to the table, as well as their ability to balance a fun, bonding experience for the team with enhanced skills that they can apply immediately in their day-to-day work. Our team now has additional tools in their toolbox they can use in support of reaching our organizational goals.


Damian Lange – Coaching Service

Some of the changes I've noticed throughout my coaching journey relate to being more grounded and being more self aware. I have the ability now to approach situations with others in a much more open and vulnerable way. The skills that I took away from my coaching time with Leah will certainly be valued from here on out through the rest of my career.

Kristen – Coaching Service

At the point I reached out to TallTrees Leadership, I was in a significant period of transition in my career. I found the experience to be extremely smooth, very prompt. I also found their services to be tailored to my own needs...authentically offered in a way that truly supported me and my growth.

Linda – Coaching Service

I would like to sincerely thank Leah for her executive coaching services over the past 6 months. The sessions have been of great benefit to me, and I have truly enjoyed Leah’s gentle approach of listening, questioning and guiding. Leah’s executive coaching has given me a process and many tools to guide my journey to becoming a better leader. Through the discussions I have been able to reflect, explore solutions and to move on with confidence. I greatly appreciate Leah’s ability keep the discussions grounded in my personal values, my vision for myself as a leader and my goals for accessing executive coaching.

Mike – Coaching Service

I have had the privilege of working with Leah Wuitschik as my Executive Leadership Coach. During our time together she has help me challenge my historical perceptions, enhance my critical thinking, and affirm my decision-making. Through this I have been able to leverage my time and resources more effectively and articulate a vision with confidence. Based on my experience I would recommend Leah to anyone who is seeking ways to expand their leadership potential.

Marge – Consulting Service

Leah facilitated an energetic and enlightening focus group. Her inviting and relaxed nature tends to settle the group into being comfortable and feeling free to speak or tell their story. While using a soft and calm tone she so eloquently was able to draw more out of the individuals and usher the conversation along. I would definitely utilize her services again.

Cody – Coaching Service

Carol inspired me to create new possibilities to consider. Carol’s calm, open, non-judgemental approach to communication facilitated our coaching conversations.  She also asked some probing (and at times) provocative questions which challenged my existing assumptions in order to explore new possibilities.  She helped me to articulate the risks and barriers in moving forward and helped me to identify some concrete next steps.  All this, and Carol also provided me with succinct summative statements which captured the highlights of my personal plan.  I highly recommend Carol as your Executive Coach!

Laura – Coaching Service

I am at the mid-stream of my career, focusing on business-related negotiations with a potential for personal growth but unsure to what and how. With patience and rigor, she helped me identify aspirations, goals, and plot out a map to help get me there with priceless advice along the way. Carol draws from years of senior executive experience and has now added coaching to the list. I won’t hesitate to recommend her executive coaching prowess to anyone in a similar situation as mine.

Some names have been changed for confidentiality.

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