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TallTrees Leadership gives leaders in health and health-related sectors the tools they need to develop skills, confidence, knowledge and self- assurance to be better versions of themselves. By empowering its clients, TallTrees Leadership helps leaders meet their goals and grow as individuals.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of health care. We have advanced leadership and coaching training and offer this unique expertise to support all professionals working in health care environments. We recognize the challenges of an industry that must balance economic, political, and policy issues, with the need to provide the best quality of healthcare services. Leading in this environment is demanding, exciting, and rewarding. It necessitates new skills, knowledge, and approaches for all, from the emerging leader to the seasoned executive. 

At TallTrees Leadership® we partner with you to support and encourage a new level of excellence. We provide key tools to assist you and your team to inspire change and build leadership capacity. We empower you to think differently, to grow and develop, and bring out the best in yourself and your teams.  


What our clients say

Interim Executive Director at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Damian Lange engaged in several years of coaching with TallTrees Leadership®. Through his coaching journey, he developed the skills to approach difficult situations and conversations with confidence and empathy.



Effective leadership can be felt at every level of the organization. From leadership and direct care providers to patients and their families. It starts with you.


Whether that is obtaining a goal, personal and professional development, or career advancement and transitions, TallTrees Leadership will help you get there.


You can only dream of what you and your team are capable of. TallTrees Leadership enables you to unlock your potential and exceed your expectations.


Some of our clients include individuals and teams from the following organizations:

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Team Development Programs

TallTrees Leadership offers a number of programs for healthcare teams focused on improving efficiency, strengthening relationships and developing communication skills. We also offer custom designed programs to address specific issues or develop specific skills.

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Healthcare Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching services involve a series of exploratory conversations that support you to find greater clarity for personal and professional growth. Our coaches engage with you to seek opportunity, leverage your strengths, define your goals, and empower you to act to transform your skills and performance.

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Healthcare Consulting

The healthcare field is constantly feeling the stress of ongoing change and the delivery of quality services with increasingly limited resources. This reality requires effective communication, committed teams, and resilient and meaningful leadership. Our consultants assess your unique challenges and work with you to build a customized program that develops capacity and increases performance.

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Speaking and Healthcare Thought Leadership

TallTrees Leadership® provides custom designed and expertly delivered speaking sessions for a variety of events. Drawing on our “been there, done that” experience in healthcare we provide learning sessions that are relevant and authentic, while offering new insights on the changing role of leadership in our increasingly complex teams and organizations.

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Areas we serve

TallTrees Leadership is based in Calgary, Alberta, but we offer remote coaching, consulting and workshops to healthcare professionals across Canada and the US. Please note the location of our in-person events and workshops vary. 

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