Looking back to propel you forward

Instead of a resolution to achieve more this new year, acknowledge yourself and your growth In the hustle of life, it's easy to overlook what we’ve accomplished, and e...

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How your emotions can help you make the best decisions

When things feel out of control, paying attention to how you feel can help you take back control Sometimes, it feels as though life sneaks up and rips the carpet out from under ...

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The Power of Social Learning

How Human-to-Human Sharing Increases the Stickiness of Learning A well known and respected philosophy of adult learning theory is that any learning we do is so much more sticky ...

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Want to improve your performance at work? Get moving.

Regular physical activity today has benefits at work tomorrow If you work in healthcare, you know that the worst patients are often us! It’s a typical “shoemaker&rsq...

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Three Ways to Prepare for A Senior Role in Healthcare

Transitioning into a senior role in healthcare can be challenging. Not only does it require a lot of time and effort to apply for a role in the first place, but the actual transiti...

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How coaching can help medical residents find their path and improve their practice

The transition from medical school to residency is a high-stress time for trainee physicians. It can feel abrupt, challenging and often isolating, especially if the resident does n...

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Common misconceptions about coaching for physicians

Coaching is becoming increasingly popular across many industries and given its proven potential to create more effective and confident leaders, this comes as no surprise. In par...

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The importance of connecting with other leaders

“It’s lonely at the top.” Or so the saying goes. Indeed, the world of healthcare leadership can be lonely. We hear from many of our coaching and consulting ...

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