TotalSDI®, Personal Strengths Canada Inc.

Change is constant in today’s workplace and change communication must focus on engaging people in the process. You need to know what’s important to your employees and how to channel those values to achieve your goals.

Motivation affects everything; how you prioritize, what inspires you, how you communicate, how others see you. Knowing how motivation impacts your work can lead to greater awareness of yourself and others, more perceptive feedback and clarified expectations about work roles and relationships.

Through TotalSDI, you will gain new perspectives and understand how others view you and what is expected of you; invaluable insights for any organizational role. TotalSDI can help you discover satisfying, meaningful work — right where you are.

LEADS 360 Assessment Debriefing, LEADS Canada

Need feedback about workplace performance? A 360 process and tool is often the preferred and most effective way to obtain feedback about performance of individuals or teams.

Our Certified LEADS Executive Coach can support you in the assessment and debriefing process using the well documented and tested LEADS 360 Assessment Debriefing for individuals and and the LEADS Assessment Group Debrief for groups. These tools support the individual or group to gain a higher level understanding of their performance in the workplace.

The LEADS 360 Assessment Debriefing and the LEADS Assessment Group Debrief are based on the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework, which is in wide use in Canadian health care organizations. This framework represents the key skills, behaviours, abilities, and knowledge required to lead in all sectors and all levels of the health system. It presents a common understanding of what good leadership looks like, across all levels of service provision in healthcare. These tools, and skilled support from our coach, are key resources to help you empower individuals and teams to move toward greater success.

5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™, Coaching Out Of The Box®

The 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ build a solid foundation of coaching skills for anyone to transfer to the work they do. Learners leave this program with highly effective coaching skills, powerful tools to build accountability in their dialogues and “The Box” which is chock full of coaching tools and resources.

The 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ demands a new way of thinking about how people interact. Drawing from the most advanced knowledge base in the professional coaching industry, it moves participants into a new way of communicating. Learners acquire tools that move them:

  • From talking at others to new ways of listening.
  • From building walls to building trust.
  • From telling others what to do to asking powerful questions.
  • From harsh truths to productive feedback.
  • From problem solving for others to developing resourceful, self-reliant problem solvers.


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