Fiona Fick

Fiona has had a range of rich and diverse experiences in her life: she has lived in four countries, she has co-owned and managed a business, and she has worked in research and health care. Through this, she has come to understand that life will always have times that are hard, that make us dig deep within ourselves to discover what is there and to grow. Fiona believes that managing yourself is the greatest skill you can learn in life, as the ability to manage the hard times and grow in response to them determines the level of success in life, however someone chooses to define success. Fiona is passionate about helping people develop this, often through managing their emotions or other areas of life where they feel out of control.

People describe Fiona as warm, thoughtful, and compassionate. As a coach, she welcomes and values the opportunity to walk with people in their journeys, and offers a supportive and purposeful approach to uncover new insights and perspectives with clients. Fiona believes that people have more within them than they realize, and that each person has a unique and fulfilling journey through life. She works with clients to understand their underlying beliefs and assumptions, to make good decisions, and to recognize that hard and messy does not equate to failure.

Fiona lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and enjoys sharing meals with friends and going for long walks. She is a voracious learner and usually has a podcast playing or is deep in a book (or three). Fiona loves to travel with her husband, especially where vacations include swimming and scuba diving.

Professional Designations & Certifications

  • Master of Arts in Applied Social Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (High Honours)
  • Certificate in Coaching
  • Certified LEADS Specialist

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Fiona Fick

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