Looking for a safe, virtual environment to have some candid conversations about your experiences in healthcare leadership, and learn a little something to make you more effective? 

We have a Lounge for that! Come for rich conversations with peers and guidance from senior healthcare leaders and certified leadership coaches.

Our next Leadership Lounge discussion is: 

UNCONSCIOUS BIASES: What are yours and what can you do about them?
Wednesday, November 29 from 12 - 1pm MT

$40 / participant

By virtue of the term “unconscious,” this type of bias isn’t even known to us, until we take a moment to reflect on how we see the world. We’ll be talking about:

  • What do we know (and don’t know) about our biases?
  • How do they show up?
  • As healthcare professionals and leaders, how do they affect us?
  • How can we become more aware of them, and even unlearn them, if they aren’t serving us?

Our discussion will be augmented with the “LEADS in a Caring Environment” Capability Framework, a foundational element for health leadership development in Canada. All participants will be provided a copy. Leadership Lounge is hosted by accomplished senior healthcare leaders Carol Gray and Bruce H. Swan.


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