As summer comes to a close and we enter the wonderful fall season it is a great time to reflect on where we have come from and where we are going. We at TallTrees Leadership® had the perfect opportunity to do this recently. We were invited by the University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing to work with the members of the Alumni Committee. As alumni ourselves, Leah BN '05 and Carol BN '75, we came full circle and were honoured to work with fellow alumni. These are the nursing leaders of today and tomorrow.
We facilitated a day of learning for the Alumni Committee that focused on learning more about individual motivations and strengths and the impact on relationships, using TotalSDI®. TotalSDI® is based on powerful yet simple approaches to helping individuals and teams develop the awareness and skills they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships. We had a day filled with laughter and learning. Check out a few pictures from the day. Thanks to all the participants for your enthusiasm, openness, and dedication to the nursing community.