We can all agree that our world, as we know it, has been turned upside down. With the outbreak of COVID-19 our lives have shifted into something that looks, and feels, very different. Similarly, work has also shifted for many, some are working in an altered way, some are working less, and some are no longer able to work at all.
It is a time of uncertainty, fear, and change, and the path forward is unclear. A client of mine shared a story in which his 9 year old daughter asked him, “Dad, is this one of those times?” He asked her what she meant by the question and she elaborated by saying, “Is this one of those times we read about in history books?”
The answer is yes. It can be overwhelming to consider, but the thing I find reassuring is that I have witnessed such amazing examples of generosity, flexibility, and commitment. For me, this is not surprising as just over a decade ago, when I was working in Infection Prevention and Control, I saw the same happen during the H1N1 pandemic. I saw our healthcare workers rise to the challenge, despite their own fears, stress, and extreme fatigue, and step up to care for those that needed it most. I remember walking through the ICU at the Peter Lougheed Hospital, which was at full capacity, looking through the glass windows at the patients that were clinging to life due to H1N1. I felt myself welling up with a sense of hopelessness. Then I turned my eyes from the patients to the staff. Despite everything, they were there, doing their jobs. They made the decision to show up and dedicate themselves to others. This shifted everything for me at the time, as I remembered that healthcare workers will continue to be there for us, regardless of how critical the circumstances.
So, you’ve heard this before, and I will say it again. Let’s do our part to help each other. Stay home and physically distance yourself to help flatten the curve. It really is so important. Reach out to each other, check in, support one another, and be kind.
Keep your head up healthcare professionals and staff, we know how hard you are working, how tired you are, and how you continue to step up to care for all of us. We are grateful.

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