Healthcare organizations across Canada are increasingly adopting the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework. This framework represents the key skills, behaviours, abilities and knowledge required to lead in all sectors and in all levels of the health system. It presents a common understanding of what good leadership looks like, across all levels of service provision in healthcare.
As a result, it’s becoming more important as a leader in healthcare to be able to recognize your own strengths and growth opportunities, particularly with reference to the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework. The LEADS 360 Feedback Assessment is an excellent tool to do just that. 
So, what is the LEADS 360 Feedback Assessment all about? 
The term "360" refers to the degrees in a circle, with an individual figuratively in the centre of the circle. In human resources or industrial/organizational psychology, 360-degree feedback is feedback that comes from all around an individual. The LEADS 360 Feedback Assessment is a feedback process for developmental purposes – not for performance appraisal, compensation review or behaviour modification. It focuses on leadership. It takes the capabilities identified in the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework and identifies key behaviours that would be exhibited by leaders.
The LEADS 360 Feedback Assessment typically includes a self-assessment and feedback from others, including direct reports, peers, and supervisors. The results from the 360-degree feedback is used to plan your personal & professional development in the areas of work experience, life experience and academic learning, all of which contribute to the enhancement of your leadership capacity over time.
There are four levels of the LEADS 360 Feedback Assessment, to address the unique challenges and issues that healthcare professionals in different levels of leadership experience. Whether you are a front-line manager, a mid-level manager, a senior level manager, or an executive, there is an assessment that will be directly relevant to the work that you do.
The key to the LEADS 360 Feedback Assessment process is the debrief by a certified LEADS Coach. The purpose of the debrief is to help you make sense of all the data in a coherent way, comparing the data with your experience. In turn the coach helps to translate your understanding into a learning plan that captures the essence of the feedback, plus your learning needs and aspirations.
It’s about exploring the nuances of the details and to turn this into a meaningful forward-looking plan. 
The result? 
You will understand your leadership strengths and identify your learning edge along with at least one action item that would move you forward on your journey to mastery.
In The Leadership Challenge, James Kouzes and Barry Posner state, “The mastery of the art of leadership comes with the mastery of the self. Ultimately, leadership development is a process of self-development.” The LEADS 360 Feedback Assessment offers an opportunity to do just that.  

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