I am honoured to be teaching the graduate course “Nursing Leadership and Management in Practice” for Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) students at UBC, Okanagan Campus. With a focus on nurses aspiring to leadership positions, this course has students participating from various parts of Canada and as far away as Australia. It’s so exciting to be connected with Registered Nurses in all areas of health care who are passionate about being change agents for improving the health system and for better quality of care for their patients/clients.

The process of digging into ethics, quality and safety, leadership, and management is not only thought provoking but is challenging us to create new opportunities to be better practitioners and leaders. As the leader of this course, and being part of these discussions, I am impressed by their commitment and dedication to their work and profession. 

This experience reinforces the consistent messaging we hear from Registered Nurses about their desire to make a difference in the health care system. As we know from our own experience and those of others, nurses are an essential provider of care and support to patients/clients and their families. They are witness to the patient or client journey in multiple settings. Additionally, their pivotal role in health care organizations means they are well positioned to challenge the status quo and influence the creation of new directions that could make a dramatic positive impact on patients, clients and families. Not to mention the significant influence on team and organizational culture and performance. Leadership and management education, including knowledge and skills that can be directly applied to work settings, is a priority for Registered Nurses in their efforts to be successful in management and leadership roles. 

It is truly inspirational be part of this journey with such a dynamic group of nurses. I am grateful to UBCO, School of Nursing, (Faculty of Health and Social Development) for giving me this great opportunity.