The 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study has been released, with 15,380 respondents from 137 countries. There are some interesting trends that were evidenced in the study. For example, the age profile of leaders and managers who use coaching skills skews towards the younger age groups, with almost half being under 45. Also, females account for 66% of leaders and managers using coaching skills and 67% of coach practitioners. 

Perhaps most importantly is the belief that coaching can influence social change. The majority of respondents thought that coaching can influence social change to a large extent. Additionally, the majority of leaders and managers shared this perspective.

Why are the results of this study important? Because it provides evidence of the growing use of coaching around the world, and the confidence in coaching to make substantial and positive change. We at TallTrees Leadership® see the benefits of coaching with our clients on a daily basis. As executive coaches we are an unbiased, yet invested, thinking partner that support our clients to become the leader they desire to be. Connect with us to learn more about how TallTrees Leadership® can help you.

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