Leah Wuitschik

Leah Wuitschik, Co-Founder

As a leadership expert and coach Leah strongly believes in the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. She is dedicated to working with people, teams, and organizations to connect with values, build strengths, explore possibilities, and to create remarkable change. 

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Carol Gray

Carol Gray, Co-Founder

Carol has the expertise and the passion for working with others to help them achieve their full potential in leadership roles, or in moving through transitions, in both their personal and professional lives. Her depth of knowledge and skill in coaching and leadership development allows her to connect with people in an engaging and powerful way.  She believes that everyone has the potential to reach their goals.  Her interest is firmly planted in supporting and empowering those who work in the health care field.

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Rosa Edinga

Rosa Edinga, Coach

In addition to being a mom, partner, daughter and soul tribe member, Rosa has spent the last decade coaching hundreds of public service/healthcare leaders and business owners to own their magic and crush their goals. She is also a coach’s coach—educating and mentoring aspiring coaches to develop and hone their own skills and practice. 

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Bruce H. Swan

Bruce H. Swan, Coach

Bruce coaches individuals and teams to grow personally and professionally. For him, coaching is a powerful partnership where learning, growth and transformation takes place. With over thirty years Senior Executive experience and 15 years experience operating his own coaching business, Bruce has seen first hand how coaching can help leaders of all kinds identify the path they need to take in order to guide their team to success and fulfillment.

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Peter S. Craighead

Peter S. Craighead, Coach

A retired Radiation Oncologist with extensive experience running a clinical practice, filling senior healthcare leadership roles and training over 150 emerging healthcare leaders over the past ten years, Peter now applies his passion for mentorship to leadership coaching


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